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26 years of legacy defines our specialized services that stretch from wedding and event planning, catering to serviced apartments and tourism. You can rely on our strategic planning services that ensures a lifelong worth of cherished memories.

Happy Clients

“The Mutton was well cooked and if you are a Aloo freak like me always ask for Aloos. It goes very well. The Masala was just right and all I can say is that the final product ‘BIRYANI’ was cooked to PERFECTION. Cudos and a big thank you to Saad (Mr. Biryani) and his family for making our events a memorable one.”

Joel John (Manager-Operations, Jayamahal Palace Hotel)

“The best biryani I have had in many years”

The Chancery Pavilion General Manager

“Not only the food was really good (I already knew it would be from previous orders with them) but Avenues were also very accommodating with the delivery (which was made on time) and flexible with the timing to clean and bring back the pots. All in all, 100% satisfied – even maybe a little more”

Patrick Fava

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