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Sunday, 19 May 2019

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Corporate Event

Planning your upcoming event for your corporation requires the expertise of a seasoned corporate event planner. At Avenues Weddings and Events, we have the knowledge and experience to insure your success from business meetings to corporate events. We have helped corporations foster strong relationships with their audiences and employees.

Event planning for corporate events requires the full understanding of logistics, entertainment, audio visual, fabrication, catering, presentations, breakout sessions and social engagement after your corporate event. We’ll handle all the logistics associated with Corporate event planning for optimum results. Our scope of services ranges from executing on the program topics designed to resonate with your audience and developing the schedules for presenters and catering staff. Our Corporate event planners are also pros at venue selection.

We offers diverse experience in corporate event planning for all types of events. Through our network of corporate event suppliers and resources, we have the ability to offer our corporate clients a multitude of in-house resource options to meet any budget. Our professional corporate event planning team is trained to help translate your ideas into the tangible elements that make an event memorable. Contact us today for a free corporate event consultation and get started with planning your great event!