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Reasons to have a monsoon wedding

Showered with love!

If you are the kind of person who likes to break all conventional norms, then a Bangalore monsoon wedding might be the way to go. Opposed to the popular notion that monsoon isn’t the time for a wedding, especially an outdoor wedding ….we at Avenues Weddings & Events think it could be fun, quirky and it definitely screams romantic! Here are few reasons why Avenues weddings and events team think you must definitely consider it.

Easy on the pocket - Being a famous “off season” for weddings you will get venues in Bangalore, apparels and other services at a reduced cost!! It will be easier to get outdoor venues and you can provide canopies or other options in certain areas, like the dining area, DJ table, in case there is a downpour. Avenues Weddings and Events can help you out with arranging the most beautiful as well as functional setting, for your big day.

Natural Setting - Nature provides you with lush green surrounding which not only makes the venue more beautiful but also acts as a perfect location for a beautiful wedding shoot. Just a little pop of colour and some minimal décor will bring the entire scenery to life – job made easy. Avenues Hospitality team can also help in finding great venues that will be perfect for a Bangalore monsoon wedding.

No make-up issues - We all know how lovely summer weddings are with all the bright colours and clear skies…..but it also comes with a drawback for brides ,who need to constantly touch up their make-up and bear with the layers of heavy clothes and jewels. Monsoon is a cool climate where none of these issues matter. Also, at Avenues weddings and events, they know the right make-up artists, who will suggest the right make-up for your big day.

Rain Dance - Everyone enjoys rain dance, from when we were kids to even now! This could be one quirky aspect of your wedding, that will make this day a mad event of your life! You can work with Avenues Hospitality and use the right props and décor that can withstand the rain. P.S maybe give your guests a heads up, so they can get something to change into.

Cheap delicious food - Food usually digs a big hole in our pockets, when it comes to weddings. But during the monsoon season you can get it at a lower cost and you can even use plastic furniture instead of lush cushion furniture to save a great deal! We all think that Bangalore weddings can be expensive......but it is not necessarily the case-if you work smart and work with the right wedding planner.
Here are some ways in which Avenues Hospitality the best wedding planners and decorators made sure it did not rain on their parade.

An entrance pathway to a sangeet event under the canopy, to keep everything intact throughout the event. They have their own decor team and a variety of decor ideas to choose from.
Beautiful and elegant – who thought those words can be used to describe a monsoon wedding! But Avenues Weddings and events can make anything possible.
A monsoon wedding is generally not something everyone opts for, but considering the cost and the fun element that comes with it, it can be a great option. We guarantee you, you will have a unique story to tell and it will be worth it! So if you are game to have such an eventful, crazy and mind blowing wedding, you can contact Avenues Hospitality who will cater to all your wedding needs in Bangalore and other cities in India because hassle free weddings are also a dream come true.