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Sandhya and Mayank #Themandystory

“Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho toh puri kaynaat use tumse milane kikoshish mein lag jaati hai.”

meet through friends, or online, some at work, and maybe a few during college or even at a bar. Then there are these couples who have unbearably sweet “How We Met” stories. Stories that are so ridiculously amazing that serve as special reminders that beautiful things can still happen... when you least expect it or if you let them happen.

This blog we talk about a couple who recently got engaged in Bangalore and chose Avenues weddings and events as their Decorators - Sandhya and Mayank. Their story is guaranteed to make you believe that love happens in the most surprising ways.

Sandhya is self proclaimed ‘Filmy’ and a huge Bollywood fan. She first met Mayank when he came for a job interview at their work place, 8 years ago! Their work friendship grew into a thick friendship or like she defines it, they became ‘Chuddi Buddies’ and a true bond of love and admiration (no they still weren’t dating yet) began. Like any typical BFF relationship, they hung out everyday after work, grabbed beers, met each other’s crushes while at that, spoke about life in general and continued the daily grind. Until one day, after constant harrowing from friends and office mates, Sandhya realized she may have feelings towards Mayank a bit more than she likes to express. This soft feeling grew into something a lot like love. Mayank knew, but they never spoke about it. Life happened, they grew apart and didn’t speak to each other in spite of working at the same office for almost 2 years. Later, one Valentine’s Day, Mayank gathered courage to speak to Sandhya and tell her he knew all along but never reciprocated his love because they both didn’t want to risk the beautiful friendship they had. He however confessed his love for her and asked for forgiveness for the years lost in vain. This was their turning point. A couple of months after resuming their friendship they finally started dating. There was no looking back!

It’s been 3 blissful years and they recently got engaged in a beautiful private ceremony at Jayamahal Palace Hotel Bangalore, which we were also a part of by being their decorators.

The décor theme for this lively, gorgeous couple was a subtle mix of peach and pink. Avenues Weddings and Events gave them a fuss free backdrop on the main stage made with peach drapes, chilly lights, glass jars filled with small bouquets of roses, carnations and greens and lastly to add an extra spark we used cutting chai glasses and filled them with rose petals and tealights. At the entrance to welcome the guests, we used peach drapes and tied them with a wreath of mixed flowers! The tables were decorated with beautiful flower centrepieces and candles.

This intimately private and simple ceremony saw a crowd come together to celebrate nothing but the engagement of and the true love that Sandhya and Mayank radiated.

Wishing this lovely Jodi only love love and lots of love!